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Dear Flag Cheerleader and Parents:


We are so excited to welcome you to Flag Cheer 2010 with the St. Cloud Youth Football Bulldogs! 


Flag season begins on Tuesday, August 3. We will be meeting at the St. Cloud Police Department in the conference room.  Please see below for your time slot:


  A-G at 6:30

  H-Z at 7:30


 At that time we will have uniform fittings, so please have your daughter wear a bathing suit under her clothing. 



Practices are held at Bulldog Field located behind Hickory Tree Elementary School.  The first couple of weeks we may practice at another location.  I will confirm this at uniform fitting on August 3rd.  Flag cheerleaders will practice 2 nights a week, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  The times are determined by the coaching staff for each team with input from the parents of the cheerleaders on the team.



Games days are either on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s. Once the games begin the cheerleaders will practice one day and then have the game on the other day.  All games will be played at Bulldog Field.  The season schedule will be announced in late August.


An additional $10 fee is required at uniform fitting day. This fee covers:

  • Practice t-shirt
  • Bloomers 
  • Poms
  • One hair bow
  • League t-shirt
  • End of season trophy


Your daughter will also need a pair of white tennis shoes and low cut/no show socks in white. 


If you have not mailed in your required documents, please do so immediately.  I will be going thru the information and your coaches or team mom's will let you know if anything is missing.


Required Pop Warner Documents:

All cheerleaders must turn in the following information to participate in the Pop Warner Program no later than 7/01/10:


  Birth Certificate

  Recent wallet size photo

  Complete 2009-2010 report card

  Original Pop Warner Medical History Form

  Player Contract       


A few Flag Cheer Notes:

  • Cheerleaders must stay with their team when dropped off for practice.  No cheerleader should leave their practice area to go to another teams practice area without the permission/knowledge of the team coach.
  • You may stay and watch practices. 
  • It is important that you have your cheerleader to practice on time and you pick up your cheerleader promptly when practice is over.
  • August is a month where we see a lot of rain and there is no covered area on our practice field.  If the sky is gray, stay and wait in the parking area.  If it begins to rain, practices may be cancelled or we may need a few cars to sit in until the rain stops.  Practices will only be cancelled if your team coach or team mom contacts you.
  • Cheerleaders should wear comfortable stretch shorts and shirt (t-shirt) to practices.  The girls will be stretching and jumping and it's hard to move in jeans or skirts. Also zippers or large buttons can scratch a cheerleader when performing stunting skills.
  • Cheerleaders must wear sneakers to practice.  No flip flops or any other type shoes!!!
  • Cheerleaders must have their hair in pony tail/braid and/or tied away from their face during practice.  This includes bangs.
  • Do not wear jewelry to games or practices.  This includes small earrings.  Coaches and/or the league will not be responsible for lost or damaged jewelry. 
  • Cheerleaders must bring their own bottle of water to practice AND games.  It's very hot at practices and games and the girls need to drink water at every break. 
  • Coaches may ask your cheerleaders to bring a towel to sit on and some mosquito spray.
  • After practices, cheerleaders are expected to clean up their practice area.  Do not leave empty water bottles on the field area.
  • Be sure your cheerleader has a snack or light dinner before practice.  Most of the girls come to practice hungry which means their energy level will be low!

We also have a few reminders for our parents:

  • We welcome our parents to stay and watch our practices.  Please do not allow small children to be left at the practice field unsupervised.  We often see children running through our practice area, playing ball or catch and it disrupts our practices with the girls.
  • No smoking or alcohol at the field or practice areas.
  • Please pick up your trash.  Water bottles and garbage are often left at the practice field.  Any food or drink that you bring must be placed in a garbage can before you leave.  Do not leave trash on the field area.
  • No pets at the practice or football field.  It hard enough for us to watch for ant piles let alone "other" piles!!!!
  • If it is raining when you arrive for practice, don't leave so fast.  If it is a light rain, we will practice.  If the rain get heavy or we see lightening, we will send the girls home.  Always check with your team coach.
  • Do not disturb the coaches during practice time.  Ask questions before or after practice.  Their attention needs to be on the girls at all times.

It's important that cheerleaders attend all practice.  Absences only slow down the team.  If cheerleaders are absent from practices they will miss out on what is being taught that day.  Our coaches are instructed to "move on".  This means we keep going whether your cheerleader is at practice or not. 


A big thank you goes out to all our moms who volunteered their personal time to coach our teams this season.  We are all busy moms with home/family/work responsibilities.  Without them we would have no cheer program.  Be patient with your teams and coaches.   If you have a concern with your cheerleaders team mom or coach and can not resolve the issue with the team mom or coach, please do not hesitate to contact me.   


Please let me know if you have any questions.  My telephone number is 407-891-9609.  My email is


We are looking forward to a spectacular season! 


Go Bulldogs!


Jennifer Grason

Flag Cheer Coordinator

SCYF Bulldogs